Or what do clients say about my work?

What are their experiences, views and perspectives?

It is one thing to perceive the energy of your images when you are the creator, but it will make you all the happier when you receive feedback, whether from customers or viewers who have similar experiences, feelings and emotions through the images and are then willing to share them not only. with you but also with a wider audience.

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"It's like giving Sabina the keys to her own soul for a while while painting a painting. It was like jumping straight from the heart. Bet on one card. Adrenaline ride.

Imagine that you have been choosing all the colors, shapes and objects in your room for a very long time, and then you let it all go in one moment and in the realization of a large and dominant painting, the main monument of the room, you give absolute confidence and freedom to the woman with whom you are talking for the first time in your life.

To cut a long story short: The resulting image completely exceeded my expectations! Not only is he beautiful, but Sabina also managed to breathe something from the invisible spiritual world into him. Something that has almost miraculous power. That image is alive, healing and constantly changing me - it allows me to be more myself every day. "




"Art is based on a living world whose diversity and structure is enormous. Penetrating and grasping this living world is often an extensive and rich affair. Finding what will somehow enrich a person can bring a rare experience. The precise image helps me find strength in the multitude of reality. It helps me connect with Sabi with perception, with people and everything around her, as it seems appropriate. This art should not only be partial, but it is the art of creating life ... "

A. Slocík

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"Sabina addressed me through her work, and then also through her beauty of body and soul. I had Yoni made to order. Already during this process, I felt the healing of my womb, femininity. Learn to accept and love your Yoni. When I look at it, it reminds me of how unique, wise and strong it is. It strengthens self-confidence. Now I organized my first female circle. Where it was important to let everything flow through the heart. Yoni was my anchor on this circle. I'm very happy that Sabina created it for me. I feel great gratitude for her work and the energy she puts into it. Thank you dear


Veronika D. Ondo



"Thank you very much for creating a custom image with a personal message. When I placed the order, I had no expectations at all and I left Sabina completely free. Honestly, I didn't even know what personal things could be painted on me, the idea zero zero nothing.

When we met for the handover, I said to Sabina ... "well, I'm wondering what I would paint for myself, maybe something where there will be black, yellow-gold, purple-blue and silver with a micro-detail of red" and I have no idea of the shape at all ... but I didn't want to dissect it too much and it came out of me like a hairy blanket, because I didn't want it to be sad from the fact that it didn't hit my taste.

She smiled as I mentioned the colors and handed me the wrapped image. She said that when she sketched the design of the painting, she perceived the meanings as "amulet, talisman" and gave me another message on an A4 sheet. This surprised me a lot, because a few days ago I had already met these expressions on my person in a more emotional situation, but I did not attach importance to them. I also often noticed when I was overtaken by a "Renault Talisman" that this was written on the rear. But again without attention, it just stuck in my memory, because I didn't even know before that this car existed.

Of course, when I unpacked the picture the next day, what I saw surprised me. Exactly identical colors to the ones I mentioned to her and very similar in shape to what I sketched in pieces about a year ago (I enclose in the last photo) - I have now illustrated this in more detail ...

I don't know what significance the talisman or amulet will be in my life yet, however, this interaction with Sabina fascinated and surprised me a lot. Maybe I'll get that Renault eventually "

JD Aichberg



"With each of her works, Sabina shows how sublime, varied, meaningful and endless fantasy can be.
I admire her ability to connect to the finest waves in us and create not only unique works of art, but above all work that can heal us and help find the right direction in our lives.
Specifically, Sabina, through their paintings, helped me in the craziest time of my life - she showed me clarity, gave me courage, reminded me of a sense of love, self-confidence and forgiveness.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ”