• At a relatively young age, I went through a burnout of personality. Painting was a means by which my creativity and lightness returned to life.  ​

  • In my creation I am focusing mainly on women motives, energetic symbols and personal paintings.


  • Inspiration appears to me in my thoughts as shapes, colours, numbers, smells or materials. These fragments  then serve as a guide for the creation of new artworks. I´m not afraid to show a certain depth and controversy in the given topics, arousing different emotions in people, and that is one of the goals of my work.

  • I´m fascinated  by the human psyche, body, relationships, experiences and nature. For me, painting is a sign of free speech, intuition and therapy.



  • 2020 exhibition "BEGINNING" - Brno


  • 2019 Women's Festival - Prague

  • 2019 Love your life - Prague

  • 2019 Esoteric - Prague

  • 2019 Allfest - Litoměřice

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Sabina Dos