In my work I focus mainly on women's themes, energetic - abstract motifs and personal paintings.


Hand painted, inspired by events, visions and feelings of my life.

Painted with the greatest love, care and such an intention that a person gets not only a painting on the wall, but also an object that will accompany and support him on his journey through life.


Casting of the human body, during which 100% identical castings are created. It is a ceramic decorative object or relief, which can be displayed alone or possibly on a pedestal, board, etc.


Creating paintings is not just about painting something. It is a tool with which I can express inner visions, motives and issues that swirl in my head during my life and thanks to that I can pass them on.

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A unique experience - a personal image tailored to you. You will get not only a decoration for the wall, but also an object that will guide you on your journey through life.

The precise image helps me find strength in the multitude of reality. It helps me connect Sabina's perception, with people and everything around me, as it seems appropriate. This art should not only be partial, but it is the art of creating life ...